My raw experience with meditation

I was first introduced to meditation several years back and dove right into it. Not really.  I remember sitting with one eye open looking around praying for it to be over. I wondered why it wasn’t working. Why am I not experiencing immediate peace and serenity? I did have one eye closed which meant I was meditating, right? After a few minutes, I would finally close both eyes and the questions/thoughts would come rushing in; “How long do I need to do this for? What results should I be looking for? Maybe I should blow dry my hair today?  Geez those birds are chirping mighty loud over there. Are they fighting? Hey!! Keep it down, I’m meditating here.” 

Truth is, meditating was difficult for me and took me months to finally get it. I humbly ask that you’re patient with yourself. 

A few tips that worked for me:  

 1. Find a quiet place:  

If anything and I mean anything distracts you make sure you are somewhere where no one or anything can distract you. As a mommy, late at night works                best for me.   

2. Set the mood:  

I like to shut the lights off and light a candle.  

3. Comfort is key:  

Wear something comfortable and sit comfortably. It is recommended to sit with your legs crossed, Indian style, and your hands placed above your                              knees, palm up. At the beginning that did not work for me. I recommend to sit however works for you. Just make sure it’s not too                                                            comfortable, it’s meditation not nap time.  

4. Clear your mind:  

Clear your mind. If meditation had meat and potatoes, this would be it. This here was the most challenging for me.  A cool trick I learned to help                                 in silencing that tennis match that will go on in your head is to take deep breaths! In through your nose and out through your mouth. Concentrate on your               breathing. If you must think of something, think positive thoughts.   

Meditation has introduced me, a woman that was once an empty vessel, to a queen. It can’t be done because it’s trending or for the guy/girl in your life. It’s your journey. Meditation only works when you do it for you and YOU alone.  You will start and succeed when you are ready to.  

“The more man meditates upon good thoughts, the better will be his world and the world at large.” –Confucius  

Love and light to all,  

Marlene Rivera 

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