About Us

   My name is Marlene Rivera, and I'm the owner of Musa Natural. I was created to create and began making candles in 2002 while pregnant with my first son.  While he was a toddler I found out that not only was he allergic to the sun but any sunscreen containing paraben.  This is when I became conscious of my environment and what I put both on and in my body. Reading ingredients on lotions, soaps, balms and other products I regularly used inspired me to start making my own along with embracing a “cleaner” lifestyle. In 2019 I had my 3rd son and by the time he was 6 months I had tried just about everything to help with his eczema. I took this as an opportunity to tweak my lotion and bath bombs.
musa natural-marlene rivera

I’m constantly looking for ways to improve my products and add new ones requested while staying true to the core of why Musa Natural was created.

Why the name Musa Natural? 

I wanted a way to incorporate my son into my business name. My son was and is my Muse along with the other two beautiful souls I gave birth to after.  Musa means Muse in Spanish. Muse, as defined by Merrian-Webster, is a source of inspiration. I used the word natural because I knew early on what the core of my business would be.

Musa Natural was born when friends and family began requesting my natural products and offering to pay for a chance to be able to use products on their body containing ingredients they could not only pronounce but were able to trace back to nature.

I hope you enjoy the products you purchase as much as I enjoy making them.